short [shôrt]
[ME < OE scort, akin to ON skort, short piece of clothing, OHG scurz, short < IE * (s)kerd- < base * (s)ker-, to cut, SHEAR < CURT]
1. not extending far from end to end; not long or not long enough
2. not great in span, range, or scope [a short distance, journey, throw, view, etc.]
3. low or relatively low in height; not tall
a) lasting only a little time; brief
b) passing quickly [a few short weeks]
5. not retentive for long [a short memory]
6. condensed or concise, as a literary style, story, speech, etc.
7. brief or abrupt to the point of rudeness; curt
8. quickly angered or irked
9. less than or lacking a sufficient or correct amount, amount of time, etc. [a short measure, short on money, short notice]
10. not far enough to reach the mark, objective, etc. [the shot fell short]
11. having a tendency to break or crumble; friable; specif.,
a) crisp or flaky, as pastry made from dough rich in shortening
b) brittle and inductile when cold (cold short) or hot (hot short): said of metal
c) not having in possession at the time of sale the commodity or security one is selling in anticipation of a decline in price
d) designating or of a sale of commodities or securities not in the possession of the seller: see also SHORT SALE
12. Phonet.
a) articulated for a relatively short time; brief in duration: said of a speech sound
b) popularly not diphthongized [the short a in “pan” ]: opposed to LONG1, adj. 12 b
13. Prosody
a) requiring a relatively short time to pronounce: said of syllables in quantitative verse
b) unstressed: said of syllables in accentual verse
1. something that is short; specif.,
a) a short sound or syllable, contrasted with one that is long
b) a film usually less than 30 min. in length
c) a fish or lobster below the size that may be legally taken
d) a shot that falls short of the target or objective
2. a variation of clothing size shorter than the average for that size
3. [pl.]
a) short, loose trousers reaching partway to the knee, worn in sports, etc.
b) men's undershorts
4. [pl.] items needed to make up a shortage or deficiency
5. [pl.] a byproduct of wheat milling that consists of bran, germ, and coarse meal
6. [pl.] trimmings, clippings, etc. left over in the manufacture of various products
7. short for
8. one who has not yet covered the short sale of a stock, commodity, etc.
1. abruptly; suddenly
2. rudely; curtly
3. briefly; concisely
4. so as to be short in length
5. by surprise; unawares [caught short]
6. by a short sale
vt., vi.
1. to give less than what is needed, wanted, or usual
2. short for
for short
by way of abbreviation or contraction
in short
1. in summing up; to summarize
2. in a few words; briefly
run short
to have or be less than enough
short and sweet
agreeably or expeditiously brief
short for
being a shortened form of, or an abbreviation or nickname for
short of
1. not equaling; less than
2. without a sufficient or correct amount of; lacking
3. not far enough to reach (the mark, objective, etc.)
4. without actually resorting to
☆ the short end of the stick
the worst of a deal

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